Balenciaga Triple S: All You Need to Know

The Balenciaga Triple S is arguably one of the most famous and iconic sneakers out there. This is considered a pioneering symbol and leading representative for Balenciaga to grow up and be known to many people as it is now. Balenciaga Triple S is the dream shoe that most fashion enthusiasts want to wear and have it in their shoe collection. The shoes were created by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga to make the sneaker an integral part of high fashion and demonstrate the elegance and sophistication that a sneaker can express.

Balenciaga Triple S
Balenciaga Triple S

The amazing designs of Triple S

The design of the Balenciaga Triple S is also heavily inspired by the American streetwear style. How wonderful that the French brand has incorporated those designs into various sneakers to seduce fashion enthusiasts! Without hitting the aesthetic gout of the masses, Balenciaga has created a trend for itself and made the whole world follow them. After that, the continuous launch of other Triple S colorways has really pushed this shoe to the next level. Some of these designs are notable for their vibrant interlacing of colored or transparent soles. Textured uppers, on the other hand, often display an entire logo, block of color, or just some minimalist surfaces with some chic detailing.

This is a type of sneaker with a somewhat rough shape, but has a strong classic character. This design is considered a feature of the 80s – 90s, with a curved sole for comfort and significantly increased height for the user. Looking at the sole of the shoe, you might think this is a sturdy and quite heavy shoe, but when it comes to your feet, it is a shoe that covers your entire foot with a very soft sole.

A combination of 3 shoe lines including running, basketball and athletics, Balenciaga Triple S stands out thanks to its extremely unique and different design. The Balenciaga fashion house’s sneakers seem to be going against the aesthetic standards with colorful patches of red, blue, yellow and brown that are patched together to increase the clumsiness of the patchwork. The sole consists of 3 layers stacked on top of each other with undulating curves, which is the highlight that makes the shoes look more aggressive and disruptive than ever. The brand’s logo is embroidered directly on the shoe body and the size is numbered on the toe. Combining many high-quality materials and outstanding colors makes Balenciaga Triple S worthy of being the perfect choice for those who love a personality and somewhat rebellious fashion style.

Admittedly, this is not a beautiful sneaker, but again, the Balenciaga Triple S does not need to be beautiful to create a trend and is a product that is impressive and quality enough: retains the special design of the original version high quality soft suede and mesh fabric, rubber sole covered with genuine goat leather. Obviously, this is all high-quality materials, but it not only helps Triple S have a high-end look, but instead has a very vintage look.

Balenciaga Triple S Price

If you decide to own a pair of these shoes, you have to spend a small amount of about $ 1000. In some limited editions or special colors, which are harder to find, this figure goes up to $2000. With this price, many people can completely own it, but the rest do not. We need to save for our own economy and invest properly.

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